Lilocrafts’s target is becoming the leading supplier of handicraft on Vietnam market as well as international market.


To customer: Provide products and service with world-class quality and optimal design, satisfying legitimate demands of customers.
To business partner: Commit sustainable development based on co-ordination spirit, become “number one companion” of our partners, always bring about subtainable and attractive values.
To employee: Establish working environment which is professional, equal and encourages creation in work.
To society: Actively contribute to the community-oriented activities, focus on environmental protection. Represent civic responsibility and national pride. Promote the image of Vietnam to the global market.


Prestige: Lilocrafts always gives top priority to prestige with customers and partners. Protecting prestige is like protecting our own honour.
Principle: Observe the laws, Codes of conduct, regulations, policies promulgated by goverment as well as enterprise.
Devotion: Give top priority to customer’s benefit. Lilocrafts is customer-centric, respects established standards and practices ethically.
Creation: give prominence to spirit “Dare to think, Dare to atc”, consider creation as life and lever of development.
Humanity: Build relationships with humanistic spirit, regards laborers as the most valuable property, intensifies slogan “ Unity is strength”


Lilocrafts desires to be the No.1 brand in creating traditional handicraft products, which are welknown by customers at home and abroad. Therefore, we always have a feeling that prestige, quality and passion for creation are companions with us.


At Lilocrafts, all the employees meet the requirements of having good qualifications, creative thinking, sense of responsibility and discipline. Thanks to the dedicated guidance of leadership, we have formed a powerful foundation with common development goals to become prestigious and sustainable Group.


Lilocrafts‘s design is the balance between artistic creation and cultural tradition. Our products orient uniqueness and creation yet modernity. We concentrate on designing sustainable and especially environmental-friendly products.